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Screen printing manufacturers need to pay attention to the details of screen printing

The quality of screen printing is the inspection of plate making quality. However, on the premise of the stability of screen printing quality and printing workers' technology, it is also easy to make defective products due to the carelessness of printing workers. In this way, it is easy to cause greater waste and cost, customer complaints and scrap a large number of finished products.

The following points are a control method of printing by silk screen printing manufacturers, which can also be adapted into silk screen printing documents

Before formal printing, fix the screen plate of silk screen first, pour in ink for trial printing and color matching at the same time, and check the level of graphic reproduction, ink color, ink layer thickness, specification, positioning accuracy, etc. If the positioning accuracy is not enough, it can be adjusted according to the fine-tuning knob in front of the frame; If the hue of the ink is wrong, check whether the wrong ink is used and replace it immediately; If the inking is poor, the graphic part of the printing plate can be wiped with solvent to improve the transmission performance of the ink and the wettability of the substrate; If there is a great difference in the order and level of graphics and text, the printing screen shall be replaced immediately. The following habits need to be formed in the printing process.


One. Be diligent according to the rules. Due to the continuous movement of the screen printing plate during printing, the screen printing plate and the frame are collided and vibrated in the round-trip operation, and small displacement often occurs between them. In this way, it is easy to have the problem of inaccurate overprint and affect the quality of products. Therefore, we should look at the rules frequently in order to find problems and adjust them in time.

II. Check the samples frequently. If the product is found to be dirty, wipe the screen with a clean cotton cloth immediately. Most of this happens because there are broken plastic films or ink crusts on the screen plate of silk screen printing, which are dry and block the screen plate. If the ink color is uneven or becomes light, it may be that the ink viscosity is too thick. Stop the machine immediately, dilute the ink viscosity with solvent, and wipe the graphic part of the layout with gasoline to prevent ink seepage or screen blocking, so as to facilitate continuous work.

Three. Semi finished products shall be stacked neatly. Normally, the semi-finished products are placed neatly on the shelf. If the semi-finished products are equipped with windows, the protective film shall be pasted as soon as possible after passing through the oven to prevent the windows from being polluted. If the raw material is a paper product, the two sides of the paper must be hung and stacked, otherwise the paper will form an upper bow due to its own gravity, and the two sides of the paper will be warped and uneven, which will make it difficult to transfer the paper during printing and often break the paper. If the paper stack is not flat, it can be leveled with cardboard. At the same time, the height of the paper stack should often be adjusted with the adjustment knob of the paper separation mechanism, so that the paper can be transmitted smoothly and the printing process can be carried out smoothly

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