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Some screen printing knowledge that screen printing manufacturers need to know

Now the technology of screen printing manufacturers is more and more advanced, and the application of screen printing in various fields is more and more flexible. More and more products are inseparable from screen printing. If you want to do a good job in screen printing technology, even screen printing manufacturers have subdivided fields in some industries, screen printing manufacturers need to understand the following five points.

1. Preparation of silk screen printing ink

The consistency or thinness of silk screen printing ink will directly affect the quality of silk screen printing. If the ink is too thin, the ink layer will become thinner, and the lines will become blurred. If the ink is too thick, it is easy to block the screen, so it is necessary to properly modulate the ink according to the actual requirements

2. Selection of screen printing

With the wire diameter distribution quality, the mesh number is accurate and consistent, and the quality is stable. The grid is generally 450 ~ 500. For the thin, high fineness and ink absorption on the substrate, the large screen with mesh size should be used. On the contrary, a lower mesh number should be selected. The position and screen size on the screen and the text of plate making shall be determined according to the structure, size and base plate and position. If the design is not good, it will affect the printing quality, or even screen printing. Specific mesh selection.

3. Scraper selection

Polyurethane scraper material is used. Polyurethane rubber scraper has excellent wear resistance, solvent resistance and toughness. At 60 ~ 80 shore hardness. The tension of the large screen and the smoothness of the substrate surface are good. The hardness of the blade should be high. Special rubber scraper for silk screen printing processing

4. Screen positioning

The fixture materials are metal, wood, plywood and PVC transparent sheet. Due to difficult positioning, the substrate and small-scale fixture should be made of metal. As shown in the figure, near the edge of the base plate, the wood on the plane shall be fixed at the same height as the easy to paste text on one edge. The network distance is usually 1 ~ 2.5mm. If the printed pattern is easy to paste or mesh, it refers to the distance of transferring large-scale network.

5. Silk screen printing process

If the pressure of the scraper is high, the amount of ink will be reduced, but the screen is easy to deform, so the pressure of the scraper is not high. The speed of the scraper is usually 60 ~ 200mm / s. The scraping speed and the amount of ink are small, but it is not easy to block the screen. Therefore, the scraper speed is faster when the screen printing ink is blocked. Straight line, straight line and curve. It shall be selected according to the smoothness and image of the wiring substrate on the substrate. The consumption of glue scraping long lines and ink should be higher, even scraping a layer of ink first, and then scraping printing.

This article is also the industry experience summarized by Dongguan Jinxin Packaging Technology Institute. Our company is a professional silk screen printing manufacturer specializing in silk screen printing services for various electrical appliances, electronic cigarettes and electronic products. We hope to communicate with our peers and solve problems for customers at the same time,

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