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Technical parameters of self-adhesive label raw materials 3m5559

Product Name: 3m5559 water discoloration indicator label 3m5559 label die cutting punch

3m5559 discoloration indicator label in case of water 3m5559 label die cutting punch

Package specification: 305mm * 165m product thickness: 0.13MM

Product color: white short-term temperature resistance: 100 ℃

Long term temperature resistance: 80 ℃

Product features: 3M ultra-thin water contact indication tape 5559 quickly changes color from white to red when contacting watt / water. It is designed to withstand heat and humidity aging w / O to provide signs of water supply.

High water absorption, water transportation to show indications, acrylic adhesive has very high bonding strength to the surface, including the overall structure of low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and powder coatings

The rotary die can cut the diluent, which makes the design of ultra-thin electronic devices

Scope of use: as consumer electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, e-readers, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, cameras, pagers, MP3 players, game consoles, CD players, cordless phones and two-way radio water contact indicators. The ultra-thin caliper is suitable for applications with very strict tolerance design.

Features: 3m5559 ultra-thin water indicator label provides a thinner thickness to meet the ultra-thin overall design thickness. When the water touches the edge of the 3m5559 water indicator label, the absorption indicator layer will quickly change from white to red. And not affected by heat and humidity. 3m5559 has excellent temperature and humidity resistance, and will quickly turn bright red in case of water. And after drying, the displayed red will not recover. The 3m5559 water indicator label has a long-lasting effect and still has strong durability when encountering strong oxidants.

Purpose: to detect the water inflow of electronic products and electronic instruments. When the water contacts the edge of the water encounter indication label, the absorption indication layer will soon change from white to red.

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