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Technical parameters of self-adhesive label 3m7816

Self adhesive label 3m7816 technical parameters 3m7816 self adhesive material 3m7816 label

Model: 3m7816

Color: bright white

Material: pet

Thickness: 0.068 (mm) total thickness: 0.140mm (including glue and coating thickness)

Glue type used: 310# acrylic acid

Used backing paper: Polyester tensile strength 100 temperature resistance range: - 40-149

Printing form: heat transfer printing Printing long-term temperature resistance 232 (degrees Celsius) whole material

Specification: 686mm wide × 508m long

Rubber system: acrylic acid, elongation 100

Package specification: inner diameter of roll core / 76mm, package roll shape, length can be 204m or 508m, high stability acrylic acid has high adhesion to high and medium surface energy plastics and metals High temperature stability It is not easy to spill glue Especially suitable for heat transfer and laser printing processes,

Scope of application: printing methods: heat transfer printing, heat transfer printing in electronic and automotive industries It is especially suitable for the surface treatment specially designed for heat transfer printing on the surface that is difficult to stick. It has excellent weather resistance. It is suitable for the overall performance of various surfaces, top surface coating and original film manufacturing. It has extremely good surface printability and weather resistance. It is the first choice for various applications of electronic products

Brand electronic products: such as notebook, mobile phone, server, power supply and other nameplate printing

Barcode printer: heat transfer printing

[features and applications]

Clean the pasted part and keep it dry;

Peel off the back glue. Generally, peel off the back glue while slowly sticking it and scraping it with tools;

When storing label materials, pay attention to maintaining a constant temperature, otherwise it is easy to produce glue overflow, and pay attention to moisture-proof.

Bright white polyester film adhesive with biaxially stretched surface substrate general purpose permanent acrylic emulsion

Basic gram weight: 50g / M2 + / - 10% glue content, total thickness 0.08mm + / - 10% base paper, white one-sided plastic coated kraft base paper, glue performance

Initial viscosity: white grasin base paper n / 10mm 20 min 90o peeling force:

4.0 basic gram weight: 80g / M2 + / - 10% for 20 minutes 180o stripping force: 5.1 total thickness with glue 0.140mm + / - 10% 3m7871,3m7872,3m7818,3m7815,3m7816

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