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Application of multi-layer label folding label in the field of pharmaceutical packaging

More and more pharmaceutical enterprises have adopted the new packaging method of multi-layer folding label on new drugs, which has won the favor of the market. So, what is multi-layer label? What advantages can it bring to pharmaceutical enterprises? Multi layer labels are also called multi-layer folding labels. Generally speaking, they are self-adhesive labels with instructions, referred to as instruction labels, also known as book labels, booklet labels and folding labels. The emergence of multi-layer labels solves a difficult problem for the carrying of drugs. How can the instructions be carried with drugs, and why? Because the multi-layer folding label can stick the instructions as self-adhesive on the drug bottle, so as to solve the problem of carrying the drugs and instructions. At present, there are not many enterprises that can produce multi-layer folding labels in the Pearl River Delta. Dongguan Jinxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that can produce folding labels by itself

1、 Origin of multi-layer folding labels

The original English name of multi-layer label is fix-a form, which is a scheme combining self-adhesive label and multi-layer booklet developed by Danny borsch company in the UK. The reason why it is necessary to develop such a solution is mainly to solve the problem of Bayer pesticide: their end users often need to take Bayer pesticide to the farm for use, but often forget to bring the instructions and can not access the relevant instructions in time, which brings a lot of inconvenience to their work. Therefore, Bayer pesticide hopes to stick the product manual on the packaging bucket of pesticide, but the information in the pesticide product manual is very large, and the ordinary self-adhesive label cannot carry so much product use information. At that time, the designers of Danny borsch company were troubled by this problem for a long time. After many discussions and experiments, they finally created the solution of multi-layer label.


2、 Advantages of multi-layer folding labels in the field of Medicine

The advantages of the manual label make it receive strong attention in the field of medicine after it is put on the market. Specifically, the main advantage of multi-layer folding labels in the pharmaceutical industry is that multi-layer labels can improve the information carrying capacity of self-adhesive labels by increasing the number of layers of self-adhesive stickers without increasing the surface area of self-adhesive stickers. For example, in the multi-layer label, all the information such as product description, dosage, usage, composition, function, use taboo and so on can be reflected in the label, which is convenient for patients to carry and read at any time.

At the same time, multi-layer labels can also achieve the best visual effect through the effective combination of plate printing, screen printing and other printing processes, giving drugs a good brand publicity effect.

3、 Opportunities and challenges in the promotion of multi-layer folding labels

A questionnaire from the UK showed that 30% of respondents had no habit of reading the instructions before taking a drug for the first time; As many as 46% of the respondents did not have the habit of keeping drug packaging boxes and instructions. After changing the general instructions to multi-layer labels pasted on the medicine bottles, about 35% of the respondents said they were willing to read and change the habit of keeping the instructions. If the patient does not carefully read the instructions before medication, it is likely to lead to medication errors and cause some physical discomfort or other adverse reactions. When this happens, most patients will attribute the responsibility to the drug itself and pharmaceutical manufacturers, so as to reduce their trust in the drug.

Another United Health Foundation report pointed out that about 25% of the elderly were hospitalized because of the incorrect use of prescription drugs, almost all because they did not strictly follow the medication method or did not know the curative effect and how to use it. The number of patients hospitalized due to the misuse of prescription drugs in the UK is 178000 every year, and this number is as high as 5 million in China, of which 200000 even died. The convenience of reading and easy storage of multi-layer labels can completely reduce or even avoid the occurrence of the above situation. Therefore, there is no doubt about the broad development prospect of multi-layer labels in the field of medicine.

At present, the application of multi-layer labels in China's pharmaceutical enterprises is in the market introduction period. Some enterprises believe that the change procedures of packaging are more complex, the operation cycle is longer, and the labeling process is more troublesome, so they have doubts about multi-layer labels.

In fact, the advantages of novel style, large amount of information and good shelf effect can greatly add points to the terminal marketing of pharmaceutical enterprises and offset the cost of early investment and consumption. In terms of labeling, multi-layer labels can be applied to all self-adhesive label automatic labeling equipment in the current market, and pharmaceutical manufacturers do not need to make any modification to the existing labeling equipment.

In terms of cost, since the multi-layer label already contains the contents of the drug instructions, there is no need to put an independent instruction in the package, and even the outer box for loading drugs and instructions can be omitted, which reduces the cost of pharmaceutical packaging. At the same time, the production process is reduced, the possibility of shutdown caused by errors in folding cartons, loading instructions and other steps on the packaging line is avoided, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

At present, a few domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers have adopted this new packaging solution for their new drugs. It is believed that after more pharmaceutical manufacturers try this new packaging method, domestic consumers will see multi-layer labels on more pharmaceutical packaging and understand the convenience it brings. Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology, with its one-step industrial layout, will also become an industry leader in this field

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