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Folding labels and multi-layer labels

With the progress and development of society, there are more and more types of self-adhesive labels, and customers have more and more requirements for self-adhesive labels. As a well-known printing company, Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality services to meet their needs and customize all kinds of self-adhesive labels for customers

Just after the Spring Festival, the company has entered a busy work, especially after the order festival of folding labels and multi-layer labels, which has been favored by a large number of customers. A large number of strange customers are consulting us about the role of folding labels and multi-layer labels. This phenomenon also shows that customers are not only interested in the basic functions of labels, but also have higher and higher requirements for labels. Let's introduce folding labels

Folding label is also called multi-layer label, multi-layer folding label, booklet label, manual label,

Folding label, as its name implies, is a foldable label, but it is not a label that folds the label. It refers to a foldable instruction manual sandwiched between two layers of labels. When necessary, the upper layer of self-adhesive can be peeled off and unfolded, and the label will become a manual. After closing, it will become an ordinary self-adhesive label. It may be more abstract. The following figure is a picture of unfolded and closed folding label, For reference only


The appearance of the folding label is a little like a booklet. After unfolding, it will be the manual. Compared with ordinary self-adhesive labels, the folding label can store more content and integrate multiple labels into one folding label. In the future, I think the application of multi-layer labels and folding labels will be more and more widely, which can be used as both the manual carried with the product and the ordinary self-adhesive label to display more content, At present, more and more industries use multi-layer folding labels, from the earliest pesticides, drugs, daily chemicals to current electronic products, batteries, toys and so on. Although folding labels are more and more widely used, there are few companies that really produce folding labels. Dongguan Jinxin Packaging Technology specializes in the production of multi-layer folding labels to meet the needs of customers

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