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Will multi-layer labels and folding labels become the brightest star in the field of self-adhesive stickers

Multi layer labels and folding labels are collectively referred to as multi-layer folding labels. Multi layer labels and folding labels have one thing in common in terms of functions. They both make self-adhesive labels carry more product information in a limited space, and the readability will become very strong. In terms of technology, multi-layer labels and folding labels are completely different

Multi layer labels can also be called multi-layer composite labels, multi-layer stickers, multi-layer composite stickers, and multi-layer composite stickers. We can basically understand the name. Multi layer labels are multi-layer self-adhesive labels by combining the self-adhesive stickers layer by layer. Some people may ask, can self-adhesive stickers be compounded indefinitely? This is a question. The answer is no, because most self-adhesive multi-layer composite labels are made by laminating the rolls with synthetic paper rolls. When the number of layers of synthetic paper reaches a certain number, the material will become very hard and can no longer be pasted with synthetic rolls, so it is impossible to make multi-layer labels. In this way, folding labels will have very obvious advantages

Folding label is just a pronoun of this kind of label. When folding label is composed of folding instructions and self-adhesive, we call it self-adhesive folding label. When folding label is composed of adhesive binding or binding instructions and self-adhesive, we call it self-adhesive book label or self-adhesive book label, which is referred to as folding label, instruction label, book label and booklet label. Folding labels are not only like multi-layer labels, showing more product information inside the label. At the same time, because of the particularity of the structure of folding instructions, we can also use folding labels as sticky instructions. For example, we need to carry many drugs with us, but if we carry the instructions with us, it is not very convenient and easy to lose them, At this time, if the folding instructions are directly attached to the medicine bottle, it is very convenient to carry with you. For example, the instructions cannot be attached to button batteries or razors, but now the folding label can solve the problem. We can attach the folding label directly to the tag of razors or button batteries. Is the problem solved? Again, I wonder if you have noticed that the air conditioner and washing machine are covered with various stickers, which not only occupy the place, but also affect the beauty, but also greatly increase the cost. If the user manual stickers integrate all the stickers into the booklet, can the problem be solved?

The multi-layer folding label changes the single information bearing of traditional self-adhesive stickers to diversified information bearing, highlights personalized design, saves product space, facilitates users to use products and meets consumers' needs

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