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Multi layer label

Folding label is also known as instruction label, book label, instruction label, book label, instruction self-adhesive label and multi-layer instruction label. It is flexible to use. Because the characteristics of this instruction self-adhesive label have more page turning function than traditional self-adhesive label, it can get more content storage space. It is suitable for all kinds of small products and is widely used in daily chemical labels, drug labels and pesticide labels, Electronic product labels, even masks, open the first layer of multi-layer folding labels, and you can directly see the instruction layer. At this time, the book label can be used as the instruction. When the first page of the folding label is closed, it will restore the effect of looking like an ordinary self-adhesive label. Although the folded label looks common on the package, it can be opened to display several pages of different information, providing users with more information and graphics without taking up too much space.


What are the benefits of folding labels? Why choose this multi tier label?

1. As shown in the figure, close the label and expand it to become the manual

2. With the characteristics of the label, it can be used as an ordinary self-adhesive label. At the same time, it also has the function of the manual, which can explain the products in multiple directions and languages.

3. It can be glued with the product, allowing users to see the product description more intuitively.

4. Unique and novel design, diverse and flexible functions.

5. Multi layer labels are very suitable for product function description and meet the requirements of consumers. Through multi-layer folding labels, we can know more about product properties and parameters in various languages.

6. To improve the environmental image of the brand, there is no need to stick more self-adhesive stickers on the products, and a book label can be done.

We are not careless in printing multi-layer folding labels. Choosing Jinxin packaging technology is the guarantee of quality

1. Competitive only with cost performance

Physical factory, complete equipment, professional quality and ultra-low ex factory price are our core competitiveness.

2. Have a perfect technical team

Professional technical team and advanced printing equipment are the powerful guarantee for us to achieve high-quality products. Jinxin packaging technology sincerely cooperates with you to solve problems for you.

3. One stop service for customers: rest assured, worry free and comfortable

From design, production, printing, post-processing to door-to-door delivery, we implement one-stop service and look forward to sincere cooperation with you to create a win-win situation!

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