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Application of screen printing and lithography in self-adhesive field

If screen printing and lithography need to be applied in the field of self-adhesive, roll materials are generally used, while letterpress printing is the most important method for the printing of self-adhesive labels, and letterpress printing cannot meet the requirements of customers in some fields. The following three methods are more commonly used cases of self-adhesive using screen printing

1. When printing on transparent materials, the bottom of any color needs to be supported by white. When the white ink layer on the bottom is thicker, the color of the pattern on the transparent dragon self-adhesive label is less likely to change color. In terms of the thickness of the ink layer, the ink layer of screen printing is the thickest in all printing methods

2. When the patterns on the stickers made of coated paper or synthetic paper self-adhesive need to highlight some specific patterns, the varnish printed by screen printing will not only have a certain hand feel, but also highlight the effect. For example, evga labels almost have such requirements, but generally, white bright dragon is used as much as possible when screen printing, Materials such as xiaoyinlong to avoid shrinkage during high temperature

3. When customers have wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant requirements for some pet label stickers, they can only solve the problem through screen printing. For example, 3h hardened protective film, ordinary ink can hardly rub, let alone corrosion-resistant and rub resistant

The following two methods are the application of lithography to self-adhesive

1. When customers need very fine outlets, lithography will have stronger printing effect than relief printing,

2. When printing some materials with uneven surface, lithography has stronger advantages, such as molding paper and red wine labels. When more fine printing is needed, lithography has unique advantages

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