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Application of self-adhesive sticker on electrical appliances

In line with the development of the market and the needs of users, even if a small self-adhesive sticker, more and more users are putting forward different requirements. Recently, some customers of our company have also put forward requirements. Some people may have noticed that a lot of self-adhesive stickers are pasted on electrical appliances. More than 4-5 self-adhesive stickers are pasted on a product. A good product is pasted like a big flower face with energy efficiency labels, Color stickers, warning labels, transparent labels, product parameter labels and bar code labels. The customer's requirement is to design all self-adhesive stickers together, which is also convenient for users to use and read without affecting the beauty of the product. At the customer's request, we put forward the way to use multi-layer labels. Let's briefly popularize the concept of multi-layer labels

Multi layer label is also called folding label, booklet label, book label and multi-layer folding label. The advantage of this label is that it can use the manual as self-adhesive sticker and take into account the use of the manual. In fact, multi-layer label is a manual sandwiched between two layers of self-adhesive sticker. The manual can be folded or bound, In this way, the self-adhesive label can contain more contents like the manual

After we explained the application of this kind of self-adhesive sticker to the customer, the customer was very interested, which not only saved the cost, but also achieved the beauty of electrical appliances. Although it is a small self-adhesive sticker, it also solved many problems for the customer

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