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The solution of screen printing about convex hull button can't pop up

The convex hull button that bothers customers for more than half a year cannot pop up, and the convex hull button product with Jinxin packaging technology is safe

Pet convex hull key products are useful in many electronic appliances. It seems that many factories can do it on the market. In fact, the quality of the products is not satisfactory. Some samples that have just been printed look OK. When they are really used, the convex hull often cannot bounce, or the convex hull of the key can only be pressed a few times, it will fail and cannot rebound.

For the convex hull key products produced by Jinxin company, in the proofing stage, customers only need to clearly indicate the detailed requirements, and basically the samples pass at one time. There will be no rebound. The convex hull button that bothered the customer for more than half a year couldn't bounce back. After using the convex hull button produced by Jinxin company, it was safe.

With the increasing number of manufacturers of convex hull keys, the price of convex hull keys is becoming more and more transparent. The competing prices of brother factories directly lead to the decline of the quality of convex hull keys. Although they cope with the market for a while, the convex hull with high quality can never be paid according to customers.

Last month, a customer called to inquire about the convex hull button. Because this convex hull button is too common, we made a direct quotation. The customer reported that the price of this convex hull is a little higher than that ordered in the past. At that time, I asked him why he found a new convex hull key manufacturer, and the customer was also relatively straightforward. He wanted to terminate the order of the current convex hull key factory. After more than a year of cooperation, the quality of several batches of convex hull keys was unstable, and basically every batch of goods was returned, so his customers complained a lot.

He said that he had been looking for new convex hull key manufacturers, and Jinxin convex hull key was recommended by one of his friends. His friend has also purchased Jinxin convex key products. He has cooperated for nearly 2 years and has no quality problems. He is also very motivated to accept orders. There is no need to worry about customer complaints and returns

Whether the convex key can rebound normally is an important quality index of the convex key. None of the customers who have used Jinxin convex key have responded to the quality problem that the convex key cannot rebound.

So the guest asked us to arrange samples immediately according to their drawing requirements, and received the feedback from the convex key samples. His customers liked the quality, and the problem that the convex key could not rebound was solved.

The unstable quality of convex hull keys in many brother factories is a common problem. If you encounter it, try a small order in Jinxin company

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