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Jinxin packaging technology talks about the current multi-layer folding label industry and compares the differences between good and bad factories

Some time ago, in a chat with a customer who needs multi-layer folding labels, he mentioned that the current multi-layer folding label printing industry really scares him, and it is difficult to find a folding label printing factory that gives him real peace of mind. The quality of some factories is OK, but the overall service awareness is too bad. The confirmation samples of multi-layer folding labels in some factories are very good, but the large goods surprise you. I said with a smile that every industry has its own happiness and misfortune. The most important thing is to find a mindful multi-layer folding label source factory, and then he can treat you sincerely, so that you can be at ease.

Let's talk about the current situation of domestic multi-layer folding label printing industry. I hope it can be a little help to customers in need. In fact, there are few factories that can really make multi-layer folding labels. Most of them are trade intermediaries. They basically have no stability and service awareness of industrial products, and lack the spirit of craftsmen. Their sole purpose is to pursue the maximum profit, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Delivery date: because they think you can't find several real folding label manufacturers, they can't give you a letter of approval. Maybe your delivery date is early, but he hasn't arranged for machine production.

Process: try to save process and speed up production. I don't care much about whether the product can meet the real requirements of customers.

Service: because it is not professional enough to judge whether the requirements put forward by customers are suitable for the characteristics of folding labels, it is unable to give customers some constructive opinions, resulting in repeated beating of samples. In the end, it may miss the delivery date of samples, so that it is irresponsible to tell customers that it is unwilling to cooperate with proofing, so it has to give up automatically. At this time, customers will be very passive.

In terms of quality: the products are directly packaged and shipped without testing.

Of course, there are a small number of manufacturers on the contrary. For example, our Jinxin packaging company is positioned as customers who do re purchase and long-term business. We hope that by doing a single business, we can make customers feel sincere, make customers make more money than their peers, pay attention to customers' repurchase rate, and make ourselves an evergreen tree in the multi-layer folding label industry. In this regard, we have our own standards and requirements:

Delivery date: the qualified samples must be delivered to the customer within the specified time in strict accordance with the customer's requirements.

Materials: before proofing, we will recommend material selection to customers according to the requirements of drawings and actual use scenarios. Some even recommend the most suitable materials after various tests on customers' back stickers. For each product, we are professional engineers in the printing industry for more than 10 years, who strictly control the materials and processes.

Quality: failure without re purchase. Adhere to the sincerity of customers and the integrity of quality.

I hope the above will help you. If you have any other questions later, please contact us at email: 910594873@qq.com

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