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Material selection and design of self-adhesive stickers

Self adhesive stickers have attracted more and more attention in many product packaging fields. In addition to identifying products and affecting the appearance of products, they can also give a brief description of products. Even some products will choose multi-layer self-adhesive labels or folding self-adhesive labels with higher cost in order to achieve stronger functions

The design of self-adhesive sticker needs to start from three aspects: the printing effect of self-adhesive sticker, the function of self-adhesive sticker and the selection of raw materials

The raw materials of self-adhesive labels include various pet materials: such as silver dragon, chameleon, transparent dragon, bright silver dragon, white bright dragon and white fog dragon; Various PP materials, such as synthetic paper and pearlescent paper; Various paper materials, such as coated paper, mold paper, mirror copper, writing paper, thermal paper, heat transfer paper,; Various PI materials, including OPP and BOPP, are used for film coating

1、 The material selection of self-adhesive stickers is easily ignored by many designers in the material selection of self-adhesive labels. The quality of materials will not only affect the function of self-adhesive stickers, but also affect the printing effect of self-adhesive labels. Here is a brief introduction on how to select materials according to their own requirements

1. In terms of materials alone, PP and paper are very suitable for printing, and the inking property of materials is very strong. If there are waterproof requirements, try to choose PP materials. If there are large-scale printing, try to use PP materials. If there are certain high temperature requirements, you can choose paper, but pay attention to glue

2. If the material is selected according to the functional requirements, it needs to be selected according to the requirements of the product itself. For example, the power supply generally requires a high temperature of about 100 degrees, and ordinary materials can't pass this temperature. Only PET materials can be selected. Because it is often transported by sea now, the temperature of container in summer is about 55 degrees, and the general minimum material selection requirement is more than 60 degrees. For example, when passing through a tin furnace, the wave peak needs to withstand 300 degrees for 10 minutes, Need to select PI material

2、 The printing effect of self-adhesive stickers is not only related to materials, but also related to the printing method

1. For spot color or background color printing, relief printing or flexographic printing shall be used as much as possible. However, because the plate of relief printing is resin plate, the plate is easy to deform during the printing process, so relief printing is not suitable for printing outlets, especially high-precision outlets

2. The advantages of printing various dot or gradient effect lithographic printing are very prominent. Because the plate of lithographic printing is alloy, the plate is not easy to deform in the printing process, so screen printing is very suitable for printing high-precision dot

3. If the printing effect of self-adhesive label requires that the printed matter has a hand feel or local brightening effect, screen printing needs to be used. Because the principle of screen printing is that the ink leaks out from each small hole of the screen, the ink layer of screen printing is thick, but it is easy to produce sawtooth

4. Printing method of metal color of self-adhesive sticker: use metal ink, metal color material bright silver dragon, bronzing

3、 As users become more and more picky about the function of self-adhesive stickers, there are more and more requirements for self-adhesive labels. The most prominent requirement is that there needs to be more content in a small space, which leads to multi-layer labels and folding labels. As the name suggests, multi-layer folding labels increase the number of label contents by increasing the number of layers of labels

The above is just a brief introduction to self-adhesive labels. We are the manufacturer of self-adhesive labels in Dongguan: Dongguan Jinxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly provides you with the best service

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