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What functions can self-adhesive stickers achieve

What functions can self-adhesive stickers achieve? Now let's share with you Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology. I hope it will be useful to you

1. Self adhesive stickers are self-adhesive labels that can achieve various temperature change effects through screen printing. Temperature change labels can also be called thermal labels, which are divided into reversible temperature change self-adhesive labels. Irreversible temperature change self-adhesive stickers reversible temperature change labels refer to that when a certain temperature is reached, the characters of the labels will change to other colors. When the temperature returns to normal, the colors of the characters of the self-adhesive labels will change back to the original colors, Irreversible temperature change stickers are just the opposite. After reaching a certain temperature, the color will not change back to the original color

2. The sticker turns red when encountering water refers to that the color of the self-adhesive label turns red when encountering water, so as to determine whether the product has been soaked in water

3. UV anti-counterfeiting sticker, anti-counterfeiting label refers to the color that will appear after ultraviolet irradiation

4. Embossing effect self-adhesive trademark refers to that the characters on the thick self-adhesive trademark will have a very obvious embossing feel through screen printing

5. Multi layer folding label is also called folding label, booklet label sticker, instruction label sticker, organ label sticker and sandwich label sticker. As the name suggests, you can know the sticker with instruction or the sticker with multi-layer stickers combined together. The advantage of this kind of sticker is that it can contain more content than different self-adhesive labels

The above five special process suggestions can end

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