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How to choose self-adhesive stickers to suit your products

The choice of self-adhesive stickers is actually very important. If the choice of raw materials of self-adhesive stickers is wrong, it will not only affect the printing effect, but also affect the use. The following are the characteristics of raw materials of common self-adhesive stickers for selection

1. In terms of printing effect, among the raw materials of self-adhesive labels, the most suitable materials for printing are PP materials and paper materials, because these materials have strong adhesion to ink and are easy to absorb ink

2. In terms of high and low temperature, there is no big problem that pet with good quality can withstand 100 degrees. In terms of self-adhesive stickers, we can choose jinlibao, Gaoguan, Ellie, Changmao and Siwei

3. In terms of waterproof, pet and PP can be waterproof,

4. Relatively speaking, PET materials are more flat and not easy to cause problems, and PP is softer, so it is more suitable for pasting curved surfaces. Generally, PP, BOPP, PE and other materials are used for bottle curved surfaces

5. in terms of anti blocking, pet is easier to resist aging, so it will generally use anti ink.

6. In terms of glue, in terms of temperature resistance, silica gel is better than oil glue, and oil glue is better than water glue or hot melt glue

7. Due to the strong initial adhesion of hot melt adhesive, it is generally used as outer box sticker

The above points are based on experience. If there are deficiencies, we can supplement them with private chat. Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology will serve you wholeheartedly. We are professional in the printing of self-adhesive stickers. Welcome to inquire.

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