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Can the self-adhesive sticker pass the test?

Can the self-adhesive sticker be used after passing the test? In the testing process of self-adhesive stickers, there is more or less a certain contingency. In the proofing stage, even if the samples of self-adhesive stickers can pass all tests, there will still be some problems in the future use. Why does this happen? This will talk about several pits in the self-adhesive sticker industry

1. Stability of materials. Many customers believe that as long as self-adhesive labels can pass the test, the cheaper the better. In fact, what many people don't know is that many self-adhesive labels are likely to pass the test in the test stage. However, due to the instability of domestic materials, there will be edge warping after making finished products. Normally, when customers can accept the price, it will be more stable to use imported materials as much as possible

2. Stability of glue. During the test, even if the temperature or test conditions of the self-adhesive label exceed a little, the self-adhesive label can still pass the test, but there are certain risks in use

3. The cleanliness of the surface of the object to be pasted. Generally, when the cleanliness of the surface of the object to be pasted is not enough, hot melt adhesive can be used, or the glue with stronger initial adhesion will stick more firmly

To sum up, Dongguan Jinxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you that the stricter the requirements of self-adhesive stickers, the more stable the material is

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