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Basic screen printing knowledge necessary for screen printing manufacturers

Now screen printing manufacturers provide screen printing services in more and more fields. The quality of screen printing is related to the environment of screen printing manufacturers, the technology of screen printing masters of screen printing manufacturers, the control of production, equipment, screen printing, etc. Now let's talk about some basic knowledge of silk screen printing technology.

Jinxin packaging technology is a silk screen printing manufacturer, and provides various screen printing services and screen printing technology training

Let's first understand what screen printing is? Screen printing is referred to as screen printing for short, and the manufacturer will become a screen printing manufacturer. Screen printing manufacturers mainly produce all kinds of panels, lenses, labels, even circuit boards and backlight cover plates. It can print patterns on items of different shapes. Therefore, silk screen printing is also a kind of printing. At the same time, due to the characteristics of printing methods, silk screen printing has been fully used in some special fields.

Due to the characteristics of silk screen printing, the cost of silk screen printing will be higher and the production cycle will be longer than that of ordinary printing.


Now, let's briefly introduce the basic knowledge of screen printing technology from the perspective of screen printing manufacturers.

1、 Selection of net frame

Wooden frame and aluminum alloy frame are commonly used for screen frame: the wooden frame has low cost and convenient operation, and is suitable for manual printing, but the printing quality is poor and the printing accuracy is relatively low, mainly because the net pulled out by the wooden frame is easy to relax and the mesh is easy to relax; The price of aluminum alloy mesh frame is relatively expensive, but the aluminum alloy mesh frame has good stability and light weight. It is suitable for manual silk screen printing, silk screen printing machine printing, clothing printing and so on.

2、 Selection of mesh

The wire mesh materials include polyester wire mesh and nylon wire mesh,

1. Polyester screen (polyester)


A. Low tensile strength (tension)

B . Good wear resistance, not complicated for climate

C. Strong acid resistance (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid) and general solvent resistance

2. Nylon wire mesh


A . Strong wear resistance (poor wear resistance for rough surface or arc surface)

B . Good surface tension and high resilience

C. Good solvent resistance

D. Strong alkali resistance

In addition to polyester wire mesh and nylon wire mesh, wire mesh and composite wire mesh are also available. Then the technical development field of screen printing is still developing to a deeper and larger space. We can use the characteristics of silk screen printing. At present, it is widely used in mobile phone display screen, solar panel printing, film switch, circuit board printing, LED luminous chip printing (cold light chip), etc.

3、 Standard stretching method

The wire mesh can be stretched to the desired tension value within 1-3 minutes, but it needs to be stretched for more than 15 minutes before the wire mesh is fixed to the aluminum alloy mesh frame.

Therefore, repeating this process several times will reduce the future tension loss. After the maximum tension is reached, the mesh cloth shall be fixed with mesh glue.

The tension of screen is an important factor to ensure accurate overprint and determine the appropriate screen spacing.

Generally speaking, the higher the mesh, the finer the mesh. The thicker the mesh, the tighter the mesh than the fine mesh.

Generally, the screen printing of overprint requires that the screen be printed 24 hours after the screen is pulled, so that the screen cloth can rebound to a stable value, otherwise there will be inaccurate overprint or graphic deformation.

Selection of mesh cloth: for the material of mesh, we generally choose nylon mesh and polyester mesh.

4、 Cleaning mesh

Generally, special chemicals are used to wash the net. First wipe the front and back of the net cloth of the net frame in place with degreasing agent, and then polish it with grinding paste. Another advantage is that it is conducive to the adhesion of photosensitive paste. Remember to polish on both sides, and for the front packaging and decoration, the force must be light to avoid the falling off of the mesh. Then wash with water gun and put it into the dryer for drying and standby.

5、 Light sensitive paste

From our experience, we choose more Japanese Murakami ad20 photosensitive adhesive, which has a good effect. We can also choose better brand manufacturers, such as Murakami, Tianling and Ketutai. If there are certain requirements for the thickness of the film of the screen, we can choose to use phenanthrene to make the screen.

We first stir the photosensitizer and colloid evenly with appropriate clean water, after standing still for 30 minutes, evenly coat the front and back of the mesh cloth with a sizing device, receive the glue twice, place it in an oven and dry it at a low temperature of 45 degrees. Then paint the front and back of the mesh frame twice and dry it.

6、 Exposure and development

Stick the silk screen film on the screen according to the correct direction and position, and preset the exposure time. After exposure, soak the plate with clean water for about 1-2 minutes, and wash off the unexposed photosensitive glue with a water gun to develop the group case.

Jinxin packaging technology is a silk screen printing manufacturer providing various screen printing services, providing customers with high-quality silk screen signboards, silk screen lenses and PC panels. As a senior silk screen printing manufacturer, the company adheres to the service concept of customers and provides customers with high-quality services.

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