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How much effect does temperature have on self-adhesive labels

Customers often respond that the self-adhesive label is not sticky enough, and the label has the phenomenon of falling off and warping. In fact, these problems may be related to the temperature. At present, the glue of self-adhesive label mainly includes hot-melt glue, water glue and oil glue. In terms of temperature resistance, the temperature resistance of oil glue is the best. Both water glue and hot-melt glue are similar. In terms of shelf life, the time of hot-melt glue is the shortest

We often see the description of a label about temperature: keep it at room temperature, use the temperature range from minus 50 degrees to 90 degrees, and the minimum labeling temperature is 7 degrees. There are three temperatures mentioned, namely storage temperature, labeling temperature and service temperature. Here are some points to introduce to you

1. Storage temperature. In the self-adhesive label factory, the storage temperature of raw materials and finished products of self-adhesive stickers is about 23 degrees and the relative humidity is about 55%. Therefore, the storage temperature of the trademark paper purchased by the customer should also be about 23 degrees. If it is placed outdoors or in a low temperature environment, it is easy to cause the glue to freeze, so the glue will not be sticky. If the storage temperature and humidity are high, the aging of the adhesive will be accelerated. At the same time, due to the rise of temperature, the softening of the adhesive will lead to uneven distribution of the adhesive of the sticker and even flow to the surface of the label, resulting in unstable or even reduced viscosity of the sticker.

2. Labeling temperature. Each self-adhesive trademark has the lowest labeling Wendi. When labeling, it cannot be lower than this minimum temperature. If the temperature is lower than the minimum labeling temperature, the label will have problems such as weak sticking and warping. The temperature conducive to the labeling effect is also about 23 degrees. In fact, the greater the difference between the temperature and 23 degrees, the label will not be firm. However, some products will require labeling at low temperature, such as in the laboratory of liquid nitrogen

3. Service temperature. When the temperature is appropriate, the glue of the sticker and the surface of the object to be pasted have been fully bonded 24 hours after the label is pasted. Of course, every label has its temperature resistance. For example, low temperature resistant labels can be used from minus 70 degrees to minus 196 degrees. High temperature resistant label, which can be used in the environment of 300 degrees. Purchase labels that adapt to the temperature environment of their products in order to achieve the correct effect.

Some people may recall that what if the weather suddenly cools down these days? At this time, the glue of the self-adhesive label is frozen. You need to heat the label and the surface of the pasted object before you can use it. First, put the label in the environment above the minimum labeling temperature of the label and keep it for 24 hours to let the temperature of the label rise and restore its viscosity. At the same time, the pasted object also needs to be placed in the environment of the labeling temperature of the label for more than 12 hours. Simply put, it is necessary to make the label and the object to be pasted reach the minimum labeling temperature of the label at the same time, of course, it is better to be about 23 degrees, so that they can be used stably. After pasting, you can't get it to the environment with large temperature difference immediately. You need to keep it under the Yellow static for 24 hours to make the viscosity of the glue reach the normal value.

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