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How much does the temperature affect the self-adhesive label

Customers often respond that even after the adhesive is strengthened, the self-adhesive label often or occasionally falls off or warps after high temperature. The previous article said that the temperature has a great impact on the self-adhesive glue, but now the problem comes. Does the temperature only affect the glue? Of course, the answer is no. We might as well assume that if the glue of a color label can withstand the temperature to 300 degrees, will this color sticker not warp or fall off under the environment of 300 degrees? The answer is still not certain. Some people may say that we still need to see whether the pasted object can withstand the high temperature of 300 degrees. Here, let's assume that if the color label is pasted on the steel plate? The answer is still not certain. Why? Because the influence of temperature on self-adhesive label is not only reflected in the glue, but also in the surface material of self-adhesive sticker

As we all know, self-adhesive stickers are not simply composed of one material, and different self-adhesive materials, thickness and brands will have different properties and different temperature resistance after they are combined with each other. The temperature resistance of trademark paper will directly affect the final pasting effect of labels and pasted objects. Maybe someone will question that my products will not produce high temperature. Is this really the case? The answer is still not certain. Why? As long as the export needs to be transported by sea, and the temperature in the container is in the state of high temperature and high humidity in the process of shipping. The temperature is generally more than 50 degrees and the humidity is more than 90%.

Having said so much, how does the temperature affect the label? The impact of high temperature on the self-adhesive label is the surface material of the label in addition to the glue, because the surface material of the sticker will shrink or even deform under high temperature. When the tension generated by the shrinkage of the surface material is greater than the adhesive force of the sticker, the self-adhesive label begins to rise slowly. Therefore, it is also very important to select materials to offset the impact of high temperature on the self-adhesive surface material, In case of edge warping or falling off, simply strengthening the stickiness of self-adhesive is a palliative rather than a permanent cure. First, ensure that the stickiness of self-adhesive label is sufficient, and then start from the aspect of material selection, the problem of self-adhesive label warping can be basically solved

In case of warping or falling off, you are welcome to contact us. Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology will spare no effort to provide you with self-adhesive label solutions to solve your problems

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