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Influence of ink on self-adhesive label making

The whole process of applying printing ink on the label is called label printing. So far, there are several main printing methods in the industry market, all of which have their own plate making process. But the characteristic of each other is that all printing methods are closely related to label printing ink.

Next, we will make an in-depth analysis on this crucial part of self-adhesive printing. Because there are too many types of printing ink for self-adhesive printing, it is also very particular about its application. Therefore, when selecting printing ink, we must fully consider the types of printing consumables, printing methods and printing preconditions, special requirements of customers, post press production and processing technology, main uses and application preconditions of labels, costs and other factors. Label printing ink has a lot of performance. The viscosity and drying of printing ink will be affected by temperature. The lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of printing ink and the slower the drying speed. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity and the faster the drying. For these characteristics, some printing inks can be cured by UV light, which is not easily affected by temperature.

With the help of knowing the basic knowledge about the types of printing methods of self-adhesive printing, being familiar with the type zoning of label printing ink, and knowing all kinds of performance of label printing ink, we can simply choose the appropriate printing ink and appropriate printing methods for the whole self-adhesive printing, which will undoubtedly improve the quality and performance of our printing products, So this is a very important knowledge point.

Only with the help of all-round understanding of various basic knowledge, can we make better use of label printing ink to a corresponding extent. In this way, the self-adhesive printing industry will obtain more long-term development and growth, and occupy a more superior industry market core force in the industry market.

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