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What are the standards for the use of self-adhesive labels in low temperature weather

Especially when the cold winter is coming, the cold and humid weather conditions are a severe test for the product quality of self-adhesive labels. What is the effect of applying self-adhesive labels in an environment with a temperature of tens of degrees below zero? What kind of label should be applied?

The environmental characteristics of cold storage are high environmental humidity and low temperature. If the general label is applied in the cold storage, it is easier to deform, wrinkle and fall off. In addition, there are a variety of packaging methods for items in the cold chamber. In such an environment, the selected label must have very good characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and low temperature resistance.

There are many kinds of primer for labels. Ultra low temperature adhesive must be used for labels in cold storage.

If the self-adhesive label is pasted at room temperature and then put into the cold storage, the face paper of the self-adhesive label shall adopt a paper with corresponding scalability. Considering that the packaging method of articles can be general paper packaging or nylon bag packaging, labels of different materials must be adopted. It is recommended to use it briefly for a period of time before determining whether to apply a certain material.

How to correctly apply and store low temperature resistant self-adhesive labels?

(1) The product is not opened and can be stored in an environment with indoor temperature less than 25 ° C and air relative humidity of 60% for at least 2 years.

(2) In the process of storage, avoid long-time exposure to sunlight and direct exposure to short-range fluorescent lamps.

(3) If the goods are received in summer and must be used on the same day, it is recommended to refrigerate them for 2 hours. What standards

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