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Why should label paper be used with special label printing paper

1. The main contents of printing are different

The difference between printing accuracy and printing mode determines that the production scope of their application will also be different. The main contents printed by bar code printer include product packaging, carton outer packaging, electrical equipment, brand identification, clothing identification, bill and other labels, and bar codes are printed by bar code printer.

2. Different printing methods

The barcode printer shall be printed with carbon tape or thermal paper. This printing form enables it to work continuously at high speed, even when no one is looking after it. But ordinary printers can't do this.

3. The paper used is different

Bar code printer can print many materials, such as pet, copper paper, thermal paper, self-adhesive sticker, PVC and other synthetic materials; The text and graphics printed by heat transfer have the actual effect of scratch prevention. The special carbon tape printing can also make the printing products have the characteristics of moisture-proof, stain resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance; Ordinary paper is the most commonly used in general printers, such as A4 paper, small ticket paper, etc. Although bar code paper can be used, its actual printing effect is not very good, so it is generally not done, which is too wasteful.

4. Different printing rates and quantities

Under reasonable operation mode and good maintenance, the bar code printer can work 24 hours a day, and the printing volume will not be limited. The printing speed of bar code printer is faster than that of ordinary printer. Support the printing of serial number, store the label format edited by consumers in advance, or enable the data information in the database for mass and continuous printing. Bar code printers print in labels (rolls). Generally, printers print in single sheets. Therefore, it can be seen that there is a great difference between bar code printers and general printers.

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