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Three factors determine the quality of self-adhesive stickers

1、 Classification and characteristics of self-adhesive label materials

According to the classification and characteristics of self-adhesive label materials. Different materials have different printability, clarity, tearing, flexibility, tensile strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and so on. At this time, we need to consider the application field of self-adhesive stickers and labels.

For example, it is used to identify products in shopping malls. The self-adhesive sticker and label materials with strong paper stickiness shall be selected. Low temperature resistant surface materials shall be selected for the labels of goods in cold storage or cold storage. At the same time, this must be moisture-proof.

2、 Plate characteristics on the surface of printing products

Select according to the characteristics of the plate on the product surface. Self adhesive labels and products are applied together. In order to give full play to the maximum publicity effect between the two, we need to fully consider the plate characteristics of products or packaging design materials. For example, the composition of the plate is different, so the ability to combine with the self-adhesive label is also different. The shape of the plate is different, and the flexibility and tensile properties of the required label are also different.

3、 Application environment of printing products

Secondly, the transportation environment of self-adhesive labels must be taken into account. Ambient temperature and humidity should also be taken into account. Indoor or outdoor temperature difference range, whether there is sunlight, etc. Although self-adhesive labels have moisture-proof ability, the same of adhesion and firmness can not be ignored.

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