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Is the product anti-counterfeiting QR code label credible

The product bar code management information system can help enterprises realize strict supervision and control over the orderly flow of key commodities in the distribution network, reasonably improve the channel management ability of enterprises, and reduce and avoid the risk of channels. According to the application of encrypted two-dimensional bar code technology, the system correctly and encrypted the identification of key commodities. The enterprise pastes a bar code with only logo on each product packaging design. The bar code can be encrypted one-dimensional code or encrypted two-dimensional code. The bar code contains commodity type information, production information, serial number, sales information, etc.

In addition, the main reason is that the two-dimensional bar code of each commodity is different, and it is only related to special information such as parts and serial numbers, so other irrelevant personnel can not forge or copy the bar code by optical methods. And the freight logistics of each bar code is described in the database. The fake bar code is not described in the database, which is very easy to be queried and solved by the system.

With the help of bar code self-adhesive labels, the company can quickly load the bar code according to the machinery and equipment, and realize the strict monitoring of goods delivery, warehousing, freight logistics and other key links, so that each business outlet in the distribution network has a strong commodity inspection function, and the business outlet can check and match the product sales area and commodity characteristics as needed, The detailed verification function will be realized according to the portable bar code scanning terminal, or according to the laptop plus bar code scanner.

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