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Causes of warping of self-adhesive labels

The main materials used in trademark printing are self-adhesive, which is a matter of common sense. We generally call them self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive stickers, self-adhesive labels, etc,

The most common problem in the use of self-adhesive labels is warping or falling off. The reasons are analyzed in the following points:

Reasons for label warping: the viscosity of the label itself is too weak or unstable, which is easy to happen with domestic self-adhesive

The second reason for the warping of the label: the size of the sticker is too small and the pasting area is not enough, which leads to the indirect reduction of the viscosity of the label

There are three reasons for the warping of the sticker: the uneven surface of the pasted object leads to the reduction of the actual pasting area, resulting in falling off

Four reasons for trademark falling off: the surface of the pasted object has dirt, grease or dust, which reduces the actual bonding area between the trademark and the pasted object, resulting in trademark falling off

Five reasons for label warping: after high temperature, the material used in the label cannot withstand the temperature, resulting in falling off or warping

The above five reasons are common problems, of course, there may be omissions. You are welcome to add them and discuss them together. After all, there is no end to learning. It seems to be in the self-adhesive sticker industry

It's relatively simple, but in actual use, many problems are often ignored, and the result of neglect is that many factories lose a lot of money because of a few cents,

In the following article, we will analyze the reasons for the warping of self-adhesive labels and individual cases. I hope friends can like it

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