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Application of screen printing in backlight products

Whether in public business areas or in various electronic products, we can always see the use of backlight. There are two main ways to produce backlight patterns: silk screen printing and radium carving. Let's not introduce radium carving here, but focus on screen printing

Why can't backlight products use lithography and relief printing instead of screen printing? Because screen printing has stronger light shielding than lithography and relief printing, screen printing is more suitable for backlight products. At the same time, because the raw materials of screen printing are transparent materials, it is very suitable for backlight products.

The printing materials used in backlight products are generally called backlight cover plate, silk screen cover plate, light-emitting panel and silk screen inscription plate. The materials used are mainly PMMA (acrylic), PC and PC light guide plate. The material thickness is generally determined by the customer. The working principle of the light-emitting panel is actually relatively simple. When we need the light-emitting pattern to appear, we only need to print the pattern into the required color, The area that does not need to show the pattern can be covered with masking ink. As shown in the figure, the black part is the ink with strong shielding. When a light source hits, the masking ink will cover the light, and other areas will show the pattern through the light source


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