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Advantages of multi-layer labels and folding labels

As a part of the competition for the outer packaging of various brands, multi-layer labels and folding labels need to provide more and more information on the current product packaging, such as product composition, usage, dosage, storage mode, various languages, etc. at the same time, there are more and more contradictions between the reflected content and the required space in the label field, and the traditional labels can no longer meet the packaging needs, Such multi-layer labels and folding labels are more and more widely used. If you want to include all the ingredients, nutritional information, instructions for use, manufacturing information and other mandatory information, I'm afraid the packaging of the whole product is not enough. Moreover, these contents sometimes need to be presented in multiple languages. For example, in the European market, it is often necessary to provide four or five languages on a label in order to let enough consumers understand the product information content. Otherwise, it is necessary to make labels in four or five different languages, which will also cause problems in logistics. Multilayer folding self-adhesive labels have been used in almost all walks of life from cosmetics, medicine and food to electronics, toys and batteries. The cosmetics industry mainly uses multi-layer folding self-adhesive labels with pictures and texts on both sides. This label can play a good decorative effect when pasted on the transparent bottle body. In addition, some lubricating oil bottles will also be pasted with multi-layer folding self-adhesive labels. The pharmaceutical and food industries use multi-layer folding self-adhesive labels, mostly printing pictures and texts on the surface materials, and printing product instructions on the following surface materials. In this way, the user can open the multi-layer folding manual below after uncovering the surface material, check the information content above, and close the upper surface material again after reading, and the shape of the label remains unchanged. Compared with ordinary instructions, this kind of label not only has lower cost, but also has the characteristics of special process and difficult processing because it uses special printing equipment, so it is better in packaging anti-counterfeiting.


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