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What 5 types of paper substrates are often used in self-adhesive printing

There are five kinds of paper plates frequently used in self-adhesive label printing:

1. Glass cardboard. At this stage, this applies a relatively large number of paper plates. Compared with coated paper, glass paperboard can further improve the smoothness and gloss. The paper is as bright as a mirror, with a sense of hierarchy.

2. Offset paper. Also known as: mold paper. Nowadays, the application scope is also expanding continuously, and the application demand of each year is also increasing continuously. Pure base pulp paper is often used. It has good adaptability to printing and writing, and is widely used.

3. Coated paper. Compared with the above two kinds of paper plates, coated paper is a relatively high-grade paper plate. If you look at coated paper carefully, you will see that its surface is coated with white paint, so coated paper is relatively suitable for high-grade labels.

4. Foil paper. Nowadays, foil paper is a kind of paper plate with relatively few applications. It is a paper product produced by composite aluminum foil and other metal foil on the paper surface.

5. Kraft paper. Strong and durable, suitable for sprinkling box packaging.

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