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Many provinces and cities start the hidden inspection of environmental pollution. Please be prepared for the inspection

In autumn and winter, heavy pollution weather occurs frequently. Recently, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin, Xinjiang and other places have launched the orange warning of heavy pollution. As a key pollution control industry, the printing and packaging business must produce in accordance with the law and regulations and be ready for inspection at any time.

1. 13 cities divided into districts in Jiangsu were secretly investigated, and environmental violations accounted for 34% of enterprises. On December 10,

Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological environment issued the notification of emergency dark inspection in heavily polluted weather. It is reported that since December 3, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are poor, and 11 cities in Jiangsu Province, including Nanjing, Changzhou, Huai'an, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and Taizhou, have started the yellow warning of heavy pollution weather. On December 8, all 13 districts and cities in the province were upgraded to orange warning for heavily polluted weather.

The Department of ecological environment of Jiangsu Province organized 8 inspection teams to carry out covert inspection in Nanjing, Changzhou, Huai'an, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and Taizhou, and conducted a total of 53 enterprises, including 21 in Nanjing, 4 in Changzhou, 10 in Huai'an, 7 in Yangzhou, 4 in Zhenjiang and 7 in Taizhou. After investigation, 18 enterprises have environmental violations, accounting for 34%.

The environmental violations of the enterprise found this time will be seriously dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations, and will be included in the environmental protection credit evaluation of the enterprise in real time as an environmental dishonesty record in accordance with the regulations. For enterprises rated black (serious dishonesty) and red (serious dishonesty), the suspension of new loans will be implemented in accordance with the requirements of documents such as the implementation opinions on further promoting the high-quality development of green financial services ecological environment (Su Huan ban [2018] No. 413) and the notice on improving the differentiated price policy based on environmental credit evaluation (Su FA Gai Gong Jia Fa [2019] No. 474) Joint disciplinary measures such as water and electricity price increases and charges.

2. Sichuan has launched 56 days of uninterrupted secret investigation on environmental pollution problems, and secret investigation and secret visit will become the norm in the future

Coincidentally, in order to effectively prevent and control the air pollution problem in autumn and winter of 2019, on November 21, the first round of ecological environment dark investigation personnel in Sichuan Province rushed to the cities under dark investigation to conduct dark investigation on the environmental pollution problem. This marks the official launch of the dark investigation work in autumn and winter in Sichuan Province to win the blue sky defense war in 2019.

Last year, Sichuan Province launched the supervision and inspection of air pollution prevention and control in autumn and winter, and now the "supervision" has become a "secret inspection". In this regard, Lei Yi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of ecological environment, said that in the future, the form of secret investigation and secret visit will become a normal.

This dark investigation mainly focused on the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises, urban environmental management, road dust control, straw burning prohibition, comprehensive treatment of coal-fired boilers, volatile organic compounds treatment, environmental compliance of industrial enterprises, implementation of peak production, implementation of emergency measures for heavy pollution weather, implementation of improving transportation structure, rectification of problems involved by central and provincial environmental inspectors Handling of air pollution complaints from the masses, etc.

From November 21, 2019 to January 15, 2020, the secret inspection will be conducted in four rounds in 17 cities such as Chengdu, Meishan, Mianyang and Dazhou. During the covert investigation, media interviews will not be accepted in principle. For the prominent problems and typical cases found in the covert investigation, the Provincial Department of ecological environment will take centralized interviews and media exposure.

3. Printing and packaging businesses must produce according to laws and regulations, and be ready for inspection at any time. In autumn and winter, heavy pollution weather occurs frequently.

Since December 4, orange warning of heavy pollution has been launched in many regions across the country, including Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin, Xinjiang and other places. In this round of heavy pollution orange warning notice, although "one policy for one plant" and "one size fits all" are strictly prevented from becoming a high-frequency word due to the implementation of policies by the plant, we must not take it lightly. We must be vigilant and strictly follow the requirements of environmental protection and ecology. It is a warm reminder that the printing and packaging industry is a key industry for environmental improvement. We must produce according to laws and regulations and be ready for inspection at any time!

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