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How should self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels ensure anti-counterfeiting performance

Anti counterfeiting labels are not a simple accumulation of some different technical applications and design methods. The anti-counterfeiting label is composed of raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology application, printing technology and printing ink. Although we cannot stop counterfeiting, if we choose new technologies that cannot be imitated, we can control the counterfeiting effect and publicize the basic knowledge of identifying counterfeit goods to consumers.

When using this kind of fragile paper self-adhesive surface material for production, processing and printing of anti-counterfeiting labels, considering that the surface material is very easy to be reduced and is not suitable for long-term storage, it is necessary to slow down the paper feeding rate when the surface material is reduced and the boundary overflows in the printing process, so as to avoid cracking and tearing of the boundary of raw materials caused by excessive separation force.

Anti counterfeiting labels are often pasted on the guaranteed goods with high price, high quality assurance responsibility and high accuracy requirements of quality assurance date, and used for anti-theft and tamper prevention of goods in shopping malls. Considering that the tensile strength of the labels of such raw materials is very low, they can not be lifted without defects after posting. They are very simple and broken, and can only be used at one time, and can not be repeated for many times, and the forgery difficulty coefficient is very high.

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