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Solution of multi-layer die cutting for multi-layer labels

At present, the most common way to make multi-layer labels is to roll to roll on the whole wheel, but this production method of multi-layer labels will have great limitations. Firstly, the number of layers of multi-layer labels is limited, and the number of layers of multi-layer labels completely depends on the printing width and color of the rotary machine. In addition, if each layer of multi-layer labels needs die cutting, the rotary machine cannot complete it, So how is this multi-layer label made on the market? This requires the modification and customization of the bonding equipment. Since the bonding equipment is produced offline, theoretically, no matter how many layers of self-adhesive stickers can be bonded on the equipment, but one problem is that when the number of layers of self-adhesive stickers is too many, the self-adhesive stickers will become harder and harder, resulting in the failure of bonding, For multi-layer labels that are die-cut for each layer of self-adhesive stickers, they need to be die-cut separately and then bonded. Therefore, the bonding of offline multi-layer labels will be much more flexible than that of on-line, and the on-line production of multi-layer labels will have great limitations,

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