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Brief introduction of self-adhesive label knowledge

Self adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive stickers, self-adhesive stickers and self-adhesive trademarks

The commonly used raw materials of self-adhesive labels are divided into paper, PP, PVC, pet, PI, temperature resistance: Pi > Pet > PVC > paper > PP glue is divided into oil glue, water glue and hot melt glue. The oil glue has strong temperature resistance and stability, water glue is environmentally friendly, and the hot melt glue has strong adaptability. The bottom layer is release paper, which is divided into release film (PET), gracindy and ordinary release paper. The above materials are the main components of ordinary self-adhesive labels, Of course, the composition of self-adhesive labels sometimes has some other composition, which will not be introduced here one by one. The surface treatment is generally composed of transparent OPP and fog BOPP

The thickness of raw materials for self-adhesive labels is generally divided into 25 # 50 # 75 #, 100 # and the corresponding thickness is 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.075mm and 0.1mm. The colors of raw materials are generally white, transparent, ordinary silver, metal silver and wire drawing silver


The most commonly used printing method of self-adhesive labels is letterpress printing and lithographic printing. The ink layer of letterpress printing is relatively thick, which is more suitable for printing background color or spot color, and the lithographic printing dot is relatively delicate, which is more suitable for printing gradient color

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