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What are the tips on how to remove self-adhesive stickers

1. Composition of self-adhesive stickers. Self adhesive stickers belong to pressure-sensitive adhesive. Generally speaking, they are composed of substrate, tackifying resin, active diluent and antioxidant. According to the different substrates, they are mainly divided into rubber based, polyolefin based and acrylate polymer based. Tackifying resins mainly include rosin, rosin resin, terpene resin and petroleum resin. Generally speaking, KN4010, white mineral oil and other high-grade paraffin oils with good solubility are selected as reactive diluents.

2. According to the basic principle of polymer chemical homogeneity, the way to remove the adhesive is nothing more than melting and degumming. The melting method is to dilute the base material or tackifier of the adhesive with appropriate organic solvent to make it easy to separate from the adsorbed object. The degumming standard is to make full use of the repellency of adhesive components to some chemical reagents, so as to avoid the re adhesion of adhesive.

3. There is no doubt about the way to remove the glue, because the self-adhesive is stuck to the tape. The basic function of degumming method is: first, there must be anti adhesive. On the other hand, we must try to separate the adhesive. Anti adhesive is easy to find, and liquid wax oil is also very good, but the simpler way to find it every day is to clean or clean the collar. This kind of way is cheap, reasonable and effective.

4. Organic solvent method the easiest organic solvent to find every day is turpentine, which can be purchased in general chemical stores. If the chemical reagent store is not a retail store, you can also find small packages from the oil painting store because painters need to use it to adjust the paint. Turpentine can reasonably and effectively remove all kinds of self-adhesive stickers; Ordinary self-adhesive is generally composed of resin and organic solvent, which has good viscosity. At this stage, no one has developed a person who can ensure the viscosity of self-adhesive adhesive and remove it easily. Generally speaking, the way is the most direct way, which is also the most common way, that is, immerse in hot water or blow dry the bonding part with an electric hair dryer, and then gently wipe the bonding part with a wet rag to remove it. Such methods are usually not easy to cause damage to objects.

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