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Solution of power label

Solution of power label

Detailed description

Self adhesive label is a product that is often ignored in the power supply industry. No customer found us again because of the problem of self-adhesive label and asked to cooperate with us. The reason is that their existing power label has the problem of warping. In fact, this is also an old problem

Many power supply customers are a little arbitrary in the selection of materials and manufacturers in the early stage of confirming the power label. They think that as long as the sample can pass, there is no problem in making the goods. In fact, there is a certain chance and great hidden danger in the passing of this kind of sample

First of all, in terms of material selection, many factories that make self-adhesive stickers still choose power labels because of the randomness of material selection for customers with low requirements. However, this kind of material selection has great hidden dangers. At present, the raw material performance of most self-adhesive stickers on the market is unstable, and regular proofing can pass, but what is the reason for the phenomenon of edge warping after making several times of goods?

1. Low standard materials and it means that there will be problems every time the product is produced, which has a certain probability

2. The workshop printing factory has too little contact with the problem of power labels. It just feels that if the power labels are warped, it will strengthen the viscosity. In fact, this solution is easy to cause problems, because the power labels are warped. If you choose to strengthen the viscosity to solve the problem, it is a last resort. The viscosity of the raw materials of all self-adhesive stickers has a certain range, If the stickiness of proofing goes online and the goods go offline, the problem is easy to occur

3. The power supply has a certain temperature when working. Before proofing, you need to understand the basic requirements of the power label. If you choose materials blindly without this link, you will basically have the problem of batch

4. The management and control in the production process is also very important. It doesn't mean that everything is all right if the film is covered

The above are just a few pits on the power label. Did you accidentally step on the pit today? It doesn't matter. We are professional in power label. Dongguan Jinxin packaging technology is ready to help you and accept your consultation

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